Someone mentioned you need to help other people because that’s what humans need to do. You as a good human being ought to be helping other people. Like protesting at a highway during rush hour, to send a message to the privileges.

Well what the hell defines a good person anyway?

If my matrix is family relationship, and you hated your folks, then you’re a shithead to me, regardless of how they may have mistreated you. Because it’s blood related right? And you don’t have that bond elsewhere, so you have to love them no matter what?

If my matrix is individualism, and you come ask me for help, then fuck off. Go do your shit, I’ll do mine. I can help you. I don’t have too. You see me as a dick, I see you as a dick. What makes your matrix better than mine?

The point is, you don’t have to do anything, not base on someone else’s matrix. Humans, biologically speaking, are animals. Literally the one task there is is to reproduce.


And then there’s the pyramid of needs. You need food, and water, and shelter. And then you need to feel good about yourself, which seems to be hard to achieve in this age of marketing. And you’ll likely to just want more. And until you feel good about yourself, the others don’t matter. Protesters may not be thinking about how they may be blocking someone’s path to the emergency room because they are busy thinking about their problems, the ones that they are protesting and the ones they are not.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho pyramid of needs

There is this Vietnamese literature work, “Lao Hac”. There’s one side plot line, of this cranky wife of this teacher rambling about her neighbor Lao Hac. And the teacher talked something along the line of her having a bad leg, and when you have a bad leg, you don’t give jack shit about someone else’s problem. You care about your leg, and how the hell it’s gonna heal.

This is essential in helping others. You can’t give what you don’t have. Love and help needs to be coming from a place of abundance, not insecurities. Because if you feel you need to protest this because you’re not useful enough, then chances are you are going to (subconsciously choose to) protest when more people can see instead of when it’ll be most effective. That may mean rush hours. That may mean blocking someone’s ride to catch that last minute flight to visit their dying love ones. But why the fuck would you think about that. You have that attention need you need to fulfill.

I think no one is entitled to anything. The world owes nothing to anyone. Helping others is wonderful, but you don’t have to. And that’s me. You don’t have to do what I do, the same way I don’t have to do what you do, so stop criticizing people for not doing what you like. This statement in itself is paradox, but like the statement “The can be no rule”, there has to be something that states the line. Ultimately conflict is what drives society forward, it’s only natural selection that the strongest gene survive. So don’t ask people to be you or you’re a fucktard. Or do. I don’t mind enough, bar this ranting/reasoning. I just love individualism, maybe to an extreme.